Video Marketing Tips – How to Combine Video and Social Media

Video and social media are a pair made in heaven. If you’re into video marketing, you need social media to help you spread the words about your videos. Video is actually some of the most shared content on social media, which means that a combined strategy can bring excellent results.

Why Video?

Video is great for social media because it’s catchy, fun and engaging. As you zip through your news feed or stream, videos stand out from the rest of the content. With a click of the play button, you can watch without leaving your feed. This is why video content is ideal for social media.

Keep It Short

Social media users have notoriously short attention spans. They want to take in the content and then share, like or comment, and move on to the next item. This is why your videos for social media need to be short and need to grab attention quickly.

Social Media Video Sites

There are several ways to create videos directly on social media sites. A few of the most common are:

Facebook Videos – You can upload your videos directly to Facebook. The advantage of Facebook videos is that they outperform videos shared from other sites like YouTube on Facebook.

Vine – Vine is a social media site that allows you to produce 6-second looping videos. ‘Looping’ means that it plays the same six seconds over and over again. If you’re creative, six seconds is just long enough to grab your viewers’ attention and say what you want to say.

Instagram Video – Instagram also offers videos which, at 15 seconds, are quite a bit longer than Vine’s. Like Vine videos (called ‘vines’), these videos are looping.

Getting Social on Video Sites

Don’t forget that YouTube and other video sites aren’t just places to publish your videos. They’re social media sites in their own right. YouTube and other videos sites have their own social media qualities complete with profiles, commenting and so on. On these sites, you should interact with other users just as you would on Facebook or a regular social media site. Subscribe to others’ channels, comment on their videos and interact in any way possible.

Don’t Promote

Keep in mind that social media is not the place to promote. Save that for your website, landing pages and other marketing material. Social media is for branding. You can use your videos here to gain exposure and build a following. If you can successfully build a following of loyal fans through video posting and interacting with others, you can lead these fans off the social media site to your other more promotional materials.

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