Tips on Promoting Your YouTube Channel

If you’re using YouTube for your video marketing, you need to not only get people to watch your individual videos, but also get them to subscribe to your channel. This is where they become loyal fans and followers.

Advertise Everywhere

Absolutely everywhere you go both online and off, tell people about your YouTube channel and what it offers. Online, this includes your website, social media profiles, email marketing, email signature, forum signatures, links from your blog, and so on. Offline as well, you should tell people about your YouTube channel at events, in your store, on your promotional products, and so on.

Make It Easy

Everywhere you advertise your channel, call people to action and make it as easy as possible for them to subscribe. Give them a direct link rather than asking them to visit YouTube and find the ‘subscribe’ button there. For offline products, use a QR code. Someone can scan the QR code with their mobile device and they’ll be automatically subscribed.

Complete Your Profile

Fill out your YouTube profile completely and add as much information as possible about you. This is for branding purposes but you can also get SEO benefits by including search terms naturally everywhere possible. Another reason to fill out your profile completely is that it looks strange when a profile is only partially completed.

Optimize Your Videos

Optimize your videos for search engines and include in your descriptions a call to action to subscribe. Include a short message in each video urging people to subscribe. Tell them the benefits they’ll receive and how to do it.

Interact with Other YT Users

Interact as much as possible with other YouTube users. Like other social media sites, there is a reciprocal effect on YouTube. If you subscribe to others’ channels, they’re more likely to subscribe to yours. Get plenty of interaction going by sharing content, commenting on videos, and so on.

Collaborative Videos

One technique that has been shown to be effective in gaining subscribers is to create collaborative videos with someone else who has their own channel. By doing this, you can reach their audience and give them a call to action to check out your channel too.

The Best Videos Possible

Finally, it should go without saying, but make the best videos possible. Try to imagine what kind of video would make a person want to sign up and see more. The key to branding is consistency, so make sure you’re not posting any videos that are weak or lack value. When everything you release is worth your viewer’s time, they’re more likely to subscribe and consume everything.

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