How to Optimize your Facebook Page

This step right here is really important for a business to correctly optimize their Facebook Pages. Because this will determine if people will like your Facebook Page or not.

There are several ways to get a lot of likes but if you want for people to really “interact” with your Facebook you must offer a really nice, informative and well optimized environment.

There are 4 very important places you must optimize on your Facebook Page right before you create an ad to let the world know about your Brand new Facebook page. Those places are:

The Profile Picture

The Cover Image

The Categories

The about section

Your Website URL

And, The Facebook Web Address

The Profile Picture is a great place to locate your logo, product or a photo of yourself.

If your Cover Image doesn’t show your logo, the profile picture should be the place for you display it.

The images should be clear and not confusing. And of course it should relate to the principal colors you are already using. Avoid the use of long phrases or text that is hard to read.

On the Cover Image People will need to see what your Facebook Page is all about.

Use images that show what your clients or customers really want; show the end result of your services right there in front of them. Just sell the benefits using images and not words at this spot.

Use colors related to your company logo, product or any other kind of object you would be working with in order to satisfy those needs. Everything will need to be related to what you are offering or selling.

Adding relevant categories will help fans find your Facebook Page and it will also improve the ranking of your Facebook Page in search. Select the categories that most targets your Business, you will have a lot of relevant visitors that way.

Adding the About Section will also improve the ranking of your Facebook Page in search. You will only have up to 155 characters to show up here.

Inside the Settings section you will be able to add a long description about your business but this small portion will be what everybody will see first and most of the time the only thing they will read as the description of your Facebook Page.

For such a small place you should be really wise in choosing the words you use to grab visitors’ attention quickly. A really cool piece of advice here is to speak to the reader more than yourself.

Adding your Website’s Company is extremely important, it will also improve the ranking of your Facebook Page in search so do not forget this part because that will give you originally and also will bring a lot of visitors to your website as well.

Finally, adding a Facebook Web address would be one of the most important steps to apply. Because you can rank in the search engines that Facebook Page for any term you submit here.

Creating a Facebook Page is exactly that, you are creating a page inside Facebook, making you part of the Facebook Domain which is something absolutely amazing for Search Engine Ranking Purposes.