How To Utilize Google Ads For Videos

Videos are one of the most interactive and effective ways to attract an audience. It is said that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Videos create a stronger impact on the viewers over the internet and persuade them to visit your website or click on your ads. Google Ads provides you a unique opportunity to attract customers with creative Video ads.

Google Ads offers you a video-specific campaign tool that is Google Ads for videos. It enables you to create, place and manage your video ads across the Google Display Network and YouTube network. With Google Ads for videos, you get control over the places where your ads get displayed and who sees your ads.

It helps you create online video campaigns and share your products or services with customers. It enables you to approach potential customers by keyword, topic, and demographic targeting options. You can target the audience based on age, gender, and geographic location.

It is simple to start your campaign for video ads. Create an account on Google Ads, create your video ad format and set the targeting options. You can also link your YouTube account with your Google Ads account. You can measure your success by tracking views, clicks and budget statistics.

With this feature, you can reach your customers using cost-per-view (CPV) bidding. You don’t pay for displaying your video ads on search result lists. When a customer sees your video ad, that is the only time you have to pay. Images, texts and the contents of your video ads must be relevant to your websites. Relevant video ads drive more customers to your business.

Google Ads supports only True View Video formats. It provides you various True View Video ad formats to organize your video ads into: In-stream, In-slate, In-search and In-display formats.

· In-stream video ads usually run before or after a YouTube video like a pre-roll.

· In-slate video ads are shown prior to the long YouTube video. It shows three ad options. If a viewer selects and sees any of those three ads then you need to pay.

· In-search video ads are displayed on top of and to the right side of the YouTube search results.

· In-display video ads are shown across the Google Display Network and YouTube network.

This type of video campaign does not limit the length of your videos. But shorter videos tend to perform better. Make unique videos for the specific keyword groups. Focus on relevancy and performance of keywords. By using effective CTA, you can attract more viewers.

Keep your video ads and landing page consistent and purposeful to earn a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Eye-catching and interesting video ads enhance the attention level and inspire them to click on your ads. Google Ads for video is an innovative way to promote your products and services. It drives more and more traffic to your website and helps you fulfill your business goals.

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