How To Remarket Your Campaign With Google Adwords

Remarketing provides you an efficient way to display specific ads to the audience who has visited your website before. It is the best way to reconnect with the people who didn’t convert into customers when they first visited your website. You can convince your previous customers, as well as occasional website visitors by showing relevant and customize ads to them.

Remarketing is based on various activities that people have performed on your website. It helps you segment your audience and reach right people. It attracts more people and makes them interested in buying your products. It will improve your sales and help you grow your business.

There are many ways to remarket your products online, such as standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, video remarketing, remarketing for mobile apps and remarketing a list for search ads. Google AdWords provides you an effective way of creating remarketing lists for search ads. You can set-up your remarketing campaign using the following tips:

Add Remarketing tag:

A remarketing tag is a small fragment of code that is provided by Google AdWords. You can add it on your home page or all the pages of your website. You can also add it to the footer of your website which is common to all webpages.

Build Remarketing lists:

After adding remarketing tags, you can build a remarketing list for any webpage. It helps you to keep track of the visitors who are visiting your popular category list by adding a cookie ID in the remarketing list.

A remarketing list is the collection of cookie IDs of the people who have visited your website. You can create your remarketing list by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the Shared library link in your AdWords account.
  • In the audience section click on view link.
  • Click on "+remarketing list" button.
  • Enter the name of your list.
  • Now select who you want to add to this list by checking on visitors of the page template, type the URL of the page for which you want to create the list and enter the membership duration for the list.
  • Click on the save button.

You can use specific templates to create more advanced remarketing lists.

Create Remarketing Campaign:

Now you can create your AdWords campaign by using this remarketing list. It enables you to show specific ads to the people who are added to your remarketing list. Steps to create a remarketing campaign are as follows:

  • Sign-in to your Google AdWords account.
  • Select campaign and click on "+campaign" tab.
  • Select "display network only" then check "remarketing" radio button.
  • Specify your campaign name, bid strategy and budget.
  • Now select "set up marketing" button then save and continue.
  • Now, you can enter an ad group name and create an ad for your remarketing list by adding that list to your specific ad group.

These tips will help you target a more focused and the right audience. You can achieve better results and improve your visibility where your ads appear. Remarketing campaigns help you to drive more traffic to your business, improve registrations, promote your brand awareness and ultimately, improve your ROI.