Facebook Marketing Tactics For Today’s Markets

What's working now when it comes to Facebook ads and getting leads and getting people in your physical store, school or establishment? It's events. When you are running a public community event, preferably free event to get people to come into your store, take that and run an ad on Facebook. And now not just an event ad where you generate awareness. I want you to create an ad on Facebook that makes people register for the event. Why? Because then you get their name and number.

For example, I'm running an event right now for a martial arts school. It is Easter time. They are running an event for a free Easter egg hunt at their location. For people to actually register for the Easter egg hunt, they are having to either call the school and register or sign up through the form through Facebook. So they sign up for the form, that form and their email and their phone number and their name then goes into their email marketing system. In this case we're using active campaign.

The director of the school gets an email notification so that they can follow up immediately. And you need to follow up within 15 minutes of people calling you or signing up to confirm that they are actually interested in the event, otherwise they will forget. Again, 15 minutes. If you're getting an email notification that someone signs up for your event, you must call to confirm or they will forget.

Then they get ... A text message goes out to the lead again confirming their place. We will then wait till the day before the event. This is all done in active campaign, where they get a reminder email that the event is happening again the next day and they get a reminder text message that it is happening the next day. This is getting us leads for dollar, under a dollar a piece. I think it's at 98 cents, for leads for a free Easter egg [inaudible 00:01:59].

Then what do you do? Okay, so you get all these leads. One, you do email follow up, you engage them. So you provide content and you engage them and you bring them into why in this case martial arts, it's so great and amazing. When they actually show up for the event, in this case, Easter egg event, in the Easter eggs have prizes for a free month of martial arts, free gloves, free this, free that. So that there's more than just the candy, but they're actually getting free trials. Make sure there's a significant number of those in amongst your Easter eggs.

And then from there you do follow up series. So either let's say they get the Easter egg, they need to actually then redeem it. So they need to talk to the director and actually organize and actually come in. Then they can actually continue the sales process. For anybody who doesn't find one of those goody Easter eggs, you can offer them a special limited time offer saying, "Thanks for coming to our Easter egg event. I want you to act ... Here's a free coupon for a month, two weeks of free classes, or one month at 50% off." Or whatever it may be. Offer them a deal that they wouldn't find anywhere else in your follow-up series.

And again, try to use text and SMS and you can even use Messenger, Facebook Messenger as different tactics in order to get that communication going. But don't hesitate to also pick up the phone. If you have the wavelength and you have their phone number, pick up the phone, send them a personalize appreciation note of them attending.

Lastly, if you don't want to do that, you can use third party tools to send out automated voicemail messages and saying thank you for attending. That's how you need to be using Facebook ads today in today's market as a local business, is using it as part as your larger tactics in your larger strategy to get them into your organization. If you have any questions about that, please feel free to leave the comments down below and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Otherwise, be sure to follow us on this platform so that you get future videos and future tactics as we share them.

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