Why Black Friday Is Bad For Small Business

So everyone in the Northern Hemisphere knows about Black Friday! Right? And if you’re a business owner, I’m sure you’ve at least felt compelled to run your own Black Friday promotions, right? Because this is the biggest weekend of the year! Or so they say. 😉 The problem is this – yes, it’s the biggest time […]

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Our Step-By-Step Online Marketing Strategy That Consistently Brings In New Leads, for as little as $100/mth  [If you don’t know what a lead is, it’s a contact point with a potential client/customer/student.  An email or phone number is attained in exchange for a valuable offer/product/service ]   Starting a small business is hard.  There’s capital investment. Operational overhead.  Getting the word out.  […]

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How to Optimize your Facebook Page

This step right here is really important for a business to correctly optimize their Facebook Pages. Because this will determine if people will like your Facebook Page or not. There are several ways to get a lot of likes but if you want for people to really “interact” with your Facebook you must offer a […]

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Why Use Facebook Ads?

Last week, I talked about what are facebook ads, and this week I’ll talk about the benefits of using Facebook ads in your business: Benefits for businesses: Most popular and trusted website: Facebook is the most trusted and second most popular website, with 1.28 billion users, after Google. It will help to build your brand […]

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