So, do you have a business that you want to promote, and you have no marketing budget? Many new business owners and new coaches just starting out are in this situation. So, in this video, I am going to talk about how to market your business effectively without spending any money on advertising.

If you’re trying to market your new website and have almost no marketing budget, there are four things that you can do to actually get more traffic to your website without having to spend any money.

1. Guest Post


The first one is to do quality guest postings. So, a guest post means where you reach out proactively to other authoritative figures in your industry, and offer to write them an amazing really great piece of content for them to share with their audience. In return, you get your content on their website, their audience reads it, and they will end up visiting your website because you are the author of the original content.

If your guest post is impressive, authoritative people are usually happy to allow you to post your content to their audience. So, the key to this though is having amazing content. Sometimes, you actually want to use your best content when sharing to authoritative figures because going out with mediocre content as a guest post will usually end up being a flop.

So, actually save your best stuff for your guest posting and sharing with other authoritative figures. But this is a highly effective way to get more eyes on your website without having to spend any money on advertising.

2. Use


The second way is to go to a site called This is, and then type in questions in there of your target audience to see what they’re asking. In return, create an account and answer their questions as an authoritative figure. By answering your questions, they will see that you’re helping them out. You can be up voted and down voted. They will start to notice you and start to visit your website and become your customers down the road.

3. Social Media


The third way, of course, is to use social media. Now, social media has changed over the years, and maybe even over the months and the weeks. But, whenever you create new content, make sure you share it in your social media. Post your content to the platforms where your audience is actually visiting, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever, Pinterest, whatever it may be. And always link back to your website.

What you can do, and this is a little hack, is if you write say a thousand word blog post, take little snippets from the blog post, go into a program called, which is free, post … they have lots of templates, create a template, find a template that you like, paste your one sentence from your blog post in there.

Upload it into a free software … like I use Recurpost, and you can recycle them so you’re sharing tidbits of your blog onto social media driving traffic back to your website, and engaging on social media by providing little snippets of quotes.

4. Promote More, Create Less


Lastly, the fourth way is to actually create less and promote more. So, if you’re spending 20% of your time creating new content, spend the other 80% of your time promoting already existing content. Great content, less frequently, but promote the heck out of it. If 10000 people have consumed your original content, there’s no reason why 100000 or a million people would not consume it.

The only exception would be if you’re in a really, really small niche, but even then, I highly doubt that the niche is gonna be that small. You don’t want to deprive those from consuming your amazing content. Just need to get it out there. So, spend more time promoting. There is no rule about how often you have to promote or create content. You can create one piece a month and then just promote it over and over and over again.

So, that is the four tricks about creating engagement and awareness, which is the beginning of the customer value journey, which I talk about in other videos. And it costs zero money. It’s just your time and a little bit of effort.

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