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Instagram Launches IGTV for Creators

 Video Transcript: Hello and welcome everyone to another marketing moment with Maggie. Today I’m going to take a little bit of a tangent from the normal training that I normally do and talk about what came out new in the last seven days in the world of social media marketing. You can see that […]

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How to optimize Facebook Ads to skyrocket your conversions

Video Transcription: Hello and welcome back to another Marketing Moment with Maggie May. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about how to optimize your Facebook ads to skyrocket your conversions. So there are a few tested ways that I use in order to optimize my ads when I’m working with clients, one of them […]

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Best Facebook Ad Strategies for e-commerce site owners

Facebook is still the top-notch choice for marketers to promote their brand and build credibility. For e-commerce site owners, Facebook provides easy ways to target your ideal customers and drive them back to your website. Facebook ads allow you to evoke the emotions and curiosity that people crave when they log-in to their computer or […]

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Top 6 ways to maximize returns from your Facebook Ads

  Top 6 ways to maximize returns from your Facebook Ads Facebook has grown itself into a top-notch choice for marketers to advertise their brands. And with this popularity, a rise in the price of FB ads has been noticed. As Facebook ads are becoming expensive, it has become more important for marketers to optimize […]

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